Guiding Principles

Our Philosophy:

We believe that every Elder should be able to embrace Hillside Pines as their home. They have the right to live their lives to its fullest potential emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and culturally. Each Elder should be recognized for their uniqueness and be allowed to maintain control over their environment and surroundings in as much as is safe ethical and within their abilities while preserving their dignity and respect.

We believe in the dignity and worth of all care partners and value the quality of life derived from heir job satisfaction. They deserve to enjoy their role and feel safe in their working environment and relationships.

We believe family, visitors and volunteers should be recognized, appreciated and encouraged to be an integral part in the life and well-being of our Elders.


Our mission and philosophy are based on our values and beliefs to create an environment of compassion, commitment, and competence dedicated to excellence in all services provided. We are committed to:

  • Emphasize "Wellness" in the delivery of care to our Elders.
  • Preserve and protect the dignity, well-being and independence of each Elder.
  • Provide excellence in care, responding to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of each Elder.
  • Maintain high standards of ethics.
  • Promote teamwork in which all care givers work together to the benefit of Elders and care partners.
  • Foster an environment of mutual respect among care partners and the Elder.
  • Support a positive caring workplace where care partners and volunteers are valued for their contribution toward the promotion of our mission.
  • Acquire knowledge whereby we strive to attain continuous quality improvement in our delivery of care.

Goals & Objectives:

Hillside Pines is committed to the goal of providing dignified care through a holistic approach to the Elders while in their home. This goal will be accomplished through the following objectives :

  • Provide personalized individual care of each Elder.
  • Promote a multi-disciplinary approach to overall care of the Elder.
  • Develop new appropriate programs.
  • Promote a family-like atmosphere throughout the Home.
  • Treat every Elder as a family member.
  • Do small things well for the Elders as a sign of our commitment to our spiritual mission.
  • Treat the elderly with care and dignity and to acknowledge and affirm what they have to share and teach.
  • Encourage the wider community of Bridgewater to be part of the Home though volunteer service.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy environment for our Elders and care partners.
  • Promote activities and simple pleasures, which will meet the individual needs of the Elders and their care partners.
  • Encourage future liaisons with community resources to enhance the lives of our Elders.
  • Promote education and appreciation activities, which will enhance the expertise and working environment of all personnel.
  • Promote and maintain a Continuous Quality Improvement program to ensure high standards of care for our Elders focused on the Eden Alternative.
  • Develop policies that will help to implement these objectives.
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