Mission & Values



...high quality individualized growth in a homelike atmosphere, focused on our Elders


...to our Elders and their care partners

...to our care partner team and neighborhood partners


...effciently and effectively using our neighborhood resources

...Elder resource- by virtue of life experience is here to teach us how to live


...in suporting a caring community to enhance the rythm of life for our Elders

...in supporting a healthy and safe environment

...in all we do


Our commitment is to provide a healthy atmosphere promoting personal growth in our Elders and our care partners.

- We share the philosophy that every Elder will be able to embrace Hillside Pines as their home.

- We believe each Elder will be supported to live their life to the fullest potential.

- We embrace the Elders right to privacy, respect, dignity and choice.

- We believe in respect and dignity for all care partners and value the quality of life derived from job satisfaction.

- We believe that all of our neighborhood partners are an intregal part of the growth and well-being of our Elders.

- We are committed to continuously improve the quality of services to enhance the growth of our present and future Elders.

- We value the support of our neighborhood partners and resource agencies.


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