Rights of the Elders

The Right to be Fully Informed

  • The right to daily communication in their language.
  • The right to assistance if they have sensory impairment.
  • The right to be notified in advance of any plans to change their room or roommate.
  • The right to be fully informed of all services available and the change for each service.

The Right to Participate in Their Own Care

  • The right to receive adequate and appropriate care.
  • The right to participate in planning their treatment, care, and discharge.
  • The right to refuse medications, treatments, and physical or chemical restraints.
  • The right to review their own record.

The Right to Make Independent Choices

  • The right to make personal choices, such as what to wear and how to spend their time.
  • The right to reasonable accommodation of their needs or preferences.
  • The right to participate in activities, both inside and outside of their home.
  • The right to organize and participate in Elder Council.

The Right to Privacy and Confidentially

  • The right to private and unrestricted communication with people.
  • The right to privacy in treatment and in personal care activities.
  • The right to confidentiality regarding their medical, personal, or financial affairs.
  • The Right to Dignity, Respect, and Freedom

The Right to Security of Possessions

  • The right to manage their own financial affairs.
  • The right to be free from charge for services covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

Rights during Transfers and Discharges

  • The right to remain in the community unless a transfer or discharge is necessary, appropriate, or required.
  • The right to receive a 30-day notice of transfer or discharge.

The Right to Complain

  • The right to present grievances without fear of reprisal.
  • The right to prompt efforts by the home to resolve grievances.

The Right to Visits

  • The right to immediate access by their relatives.
  • The right to reasonable visits by organizations or individuals providing health, social, legal, or other services.
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